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Patient Testimonials

When I first heard my primary dentist say root canal and how she would recommend it in lieu of extraction for my "saveable" tooth, I shook in terror. I have always been so scared since I was a kid so that, growing up, I had my teeth pulled 1 or 2 at a time and replaced them with dentures. I decided to entrust my dental care to Dr. Kim and agreed to see Dr. O (as he is fondly called in the industry). Dr. O immediately made me feel secure and his confidence that everything would be okay rubbed off on me. He made me feel so relaxed on our first meeting. Here's the good part: I just came from his office for that 30-min procedure that proved to be really painless (a bit uncomfortable brought about by my nerves) and feel like a winner. Thanks, Dr. O for helping me conquer my fear, not to mention the good job you did. You and your Assistant, Ingrid, explained clearly every step of the procedure. There were no surprises. Thanks to Lilia as well! You get 5 stars from me .... Warm regards!


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Odabashian and his staff for the wonderful and painless treatment I received from Glendale MicroEndodontics. Dr. Odabashina you are truly amazing in what you do. I appreciate all that you and your staff did to make me feel comfortable and relaxed prior to my root canal treatments. I am one who fears the dentist extremely I wouldn’t go to the dentist unless I really, really, really had to. I would wait to the point where I could not take the pain anymore and had no other option but to go to the dentist and because of this I ruined a lot my teeth. My experiences with other dentists were very unpleasant, uncomfortable and very painful. I had three root canal treatments performed by Dr. Odabashian and not once did I feel any discomfort or pain throughout the whole procedure. It was truly and amazing experience not to feel any pain whatsoever. I have so much respect for what you do, your work is amazing and you are excellent in what you do. This is by far the best endodontic treatment I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend Dr. Odabashian and his staff to anyone who is looking for a professional endodontist. Thank you for everything.

Mher Y.

I had a complicated root canal with cysts. Having consultations with different dentists left me confused and undecided. Luckily a friend referred me to Dr. Odabashian and I realized I met the right specialist to receive a proper treatment. Dr. Odabashian is an incredible endodontist and an absolute professional. We should be grateful to have such a specialist around us. He could not only treat my root canals, preserving the tooth, but also correct the previous dentists' mistakes. To me Dr. Odabashian is a real maestro. He orchestrated the whole treatment process smoothly and without any pain. I also was able to avoid the suggested surgery which always scared me. God bless you Dr. Odabashian.

Gayane G.

Dear Dr. Odabashian: I wanted to write a short note to let you know what a pleasant experience it has been being your patient. During my first consultation, you answered all my questions and certainly set my mind at ease by educating me on the work needed to be done. Your staff is also to be commended for their warmth and utmost professionalism. I am extremely happy with the root canal redo’s you recently performed on my teeth. My only regret is not knowing of you for my initial root canal needs. I highly recommend you to anyone who is searching to obtain the very best root specialist to be found. You have my deepest appreciation and thanks. Sincerely, Kristine K.

Kristine K.

I can easily say that Dr. Odabashian is more than qualified as an outstanding Microscopic Endodontic. My first visit was full of fear in losing my tooth that had been knocked lose and deteriorating. Dr. Odabashian took a look and informed me that everything will be okay. Not only did he keep his word, but he surpassed my expectations. I felt no pain, was comfortable, and treated with respect through the entire procedure. He kept me informed with what was going on and the next steps we were going to take. At the end, my tooth looked exactly normal as it completed its root canal, healed from infection, got its color back, and regained its stiffness. His staff corresponds to his great work as they are constantly welcoming and following up after procedures. It is surprising to say, but, I had a pleasant experience with my root canal!

Ohan Stephan

Of the two general dentists and two specialists that have provided me with endodontic treatment, Dr. Odabashian is clearly the best. He has superior knowledge and equipment than the others. I came to him with problems in a tooth that already had a root canal and a post. In a similar situation, with a different tooth, a different endodontist told me that it was not possible to remove the post, so he would have to redo the root canal from the apex this required cutting through gum and bone. However, Dr. Odabashian was able to remove the post and undo damage done by a previous general dentist. In short, Dr. Odabashian saved me. If you have endodontic pain don't risk your health by going to a general dentist go to an endodontist who does this work every day and has the latest equipment. Dr. Odabashian not only gave me the best endodontic treatment I've ever had, but he's a very nice fellow he treated me very well and made sure that all my questions were answered. I would not hesitate to go to him again.

Andrew McWilliam

I recently needed a root canal which had s shaped roots which is not common. I was referred to Dr.Odabashian by Dr. Kanda, I was very very pleased with the work he did for me and the care that he provided .His assistant was great and Yadira was great to remind me of my appt and post care, information, I would highly recommend Dr. Odabashian to anyone needing his services. Thanks again!!!

todd barron

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Odabashian and Elizabeth for the great work on my root canal. I was told by other dentists I visited that I needed to be put to sleep before any work could be done on my tooth since my tooth was so sensitive. However, Dr. Odabashian immediately figured out that I simply needed a shot in a nearby nerve and performed a flawless root-canal. His tactics, tools and demeanor, are what every dentist ought to strive for. I also wanted to take a moment to talk about the technology that he used. I really did appreciate all the latest innovations at his (and ultimately my) disposal. I appreciated the front desk calling me on several occasions to ask about how I was doing after the procedure and I really appreciated the office being open on Saturdays. Thanks and cheers!

Armina LaManna

I came to Dr. Odabashian in a lot of pain and not a lot of sleep. I found the office staff to be professional and genuinely sensitive to my situation. Dr. Odabashian is a true professional, gentle and made me feel at ease immediately. I can’t thank him and his staff enough for their professionalism and expertise. Well worth the drive from Santa Clarita!

Renee Sandoval

I needed a root canal done to my front left incisor, and I was looking for an endodontist who would address all of my concerns. I am so glad I found Dr. Odabashian! He is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor, and he is extremely approachable. During my initial consultation, he patiently answered all of my questions, and made me feel very comfortable. My root canal went very well, and I couldn't be happier. I LOVE his staff Yadira (the receptionist) is very friendly, accomodating, and personable, and Elizabeth (Dr. Odabashian's dental assistant) was wonderful she was very attentive during the entire procedure, and always made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend Dr. Odabashian and his staff to anyone who is looking for a warm and professional endodontics practice.

Armine H.

Hi I just wanted to say this place is so much better than any Dentist I have ever been to.I needed a root canal and it may be a little pain, but once they use one material in your mouth and go on then you would not feel a second of pain. I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH TO Dr.Odabashian for doing my root canal and his assisant for giving him all the materials and for helping him. She kept on telling me it will not hurt and do not think about it so i followed her words and did as she said and it worked.The last day i went there, I was so sad because I am going to miss all of them.They all were so nice to me on my first day and they just did it so carefully. I may have been kind of afraid then, I just had to get over it and at the end of the first day I felt so happy and in no pain.Thank you so much again and Goodbye!

Angelina--9 years old

Let me first start with thank you! You have made my teeth better then they have ever been. It feels like it is my real tooth. I remember how my tooth looked the first time I became your patient. Although I really hated anesthesia because I would feel pain. But I think it was worth all of it. You have been fun all the way through.Your assistants have been really nice to me and have treated me with care just like you did. I remember when I walked through the door I thought it was going to be another few times at the dentist again. But you turned out to be one of the best dentist I ever had. I will miss you for the next six months. like I said thank you for everything you ever did for me. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Stefan Zhivkov--10 years old