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Glendale MicroEndodontics

Glendale, CA

Our Office Hours During the Corona Virus Pandemic is Open for Emergencies

During these challenging times, we understand that there are several priority goals that affect our patients, our community and our office and staff. Our primary goal is to prevent the risk of spreading the corona virus among our community and our patients, while safeguarding our staff and their families. With this in mind, the health and well being of our patients is our highest concern. 

For our patients: The state and federal government have declared a state of emergency for most of the US, including California. As endodontists deal with patients in pain and infection, our treatment in those instances is considered emergency care. If you were referred to our office, we are here to answer your call. We will address your concerns, and do our best to help you get through these tough times. We are treating emergencies so as not to burden the local urgent care and emergency room. 

Please know that we are here for you in different capacities and that we will get through this together, making sure that your needs are taken care of by Dr. Odabashian, Dr. Butler and our staff.

Stay safe, and call us with any questions. We are here to help.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is to meet and exceed our patients' and referring doctors' expectations by providing Exceptional QUALITY, PROMPT and COURTEOUS endodontic treatment in a relaxed atmosphere.

To our patients and referring doctors, we promise to make prompt appointments available from when we receive the referral.  Furthermore, we will see patients who are experiencing pain and/or swelling the same day, 24 hours a day.  Complete dedication to our patients is our number one priority.

Dr. Odabashian is committed to providing service and treatment of the highest quality, that is up to date, and beyond what is expected by the patient and referring doctor.

Dr. Odabashian writes periododic newsletters, and gives presentations and lectures locally, nationally and internationally on topics that are related to Endodontics and Dentistry.  Click on the "Newsletter Tab" to read our Newsletter. We promise it will be Informative and Enlightening.


We are extremely proud and happy to formally introduce Dr. Alexandria Butler to our Glendale MicroEndodontics family. Dr. Butler recently joined our practice on a trial basis and I am happy to announce that she has passed the high standards set at Glendale MicroEndodontics with flying colors. Help me welcome Dr. Alexandria Butler.

Dr. Alexandria Butler graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine as a Dean’s Scholar. She was awarded the prestigious Rossman Endodontics Award upon her graduation. She then obtained her certificate in Endodontics from Harvard University while simultaneously earning a Master’s Degree. She served as a predoctoral attending, a resident expert advisor to the American Association of Endodontists Foundation, and a researcher. At both Harvard and Penn, Dr. Butler researched the best ways to manage a patient’s surgical post-operative pain and has lectured on the topic internationally. 

What truly distinguishes Dr. Butler as a clinician is her bedside manner. Patients often comment on her ability to provide honest, empathetic, and reliable care. Her treatment goal is to assuage the fears and misconceptions many patients have regarding root canal therapy and to ensure they leave the office with a positive endodontic experience. 

Dr. Butler currently sits on the Regenerative Endodontics Committee for the American Association of Endodontists. She is also a member of the American Association of Endodontists Foundation, the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association.

Alexandria resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Mark. On weekends, she can usually be found taking courses in gardening, cooking, and constitutional law or at a local airport pursuing her private pilot’s license.


Our Promise to our patients and referring doctors: 

We are very confident that you will appreciate the way you are treated at our office: from the first phone call, the easy and convenient online registration, our minimal radiation digital radiography (x-rays), to the amount of time we spend discussing the patient's condition, and explaining all options of treatment including the risks of treatment and non-treatment in a way that puts the patient at the center.

We will provide our patient-centered, state of the art endodontic treatment (or non-treatment) at the highest standards of current care.

Call our office at 818-552-3636 and make an appointment for your endodontic consultation/treatment, and feel CONFIDENT that you will be served by a knowledgeable and caring staff, by an experienced, and caring specialist who puts the patient's need first.



Patient Testimonials

When I first heard my primary dentist say root canal and how she would recommend it in lieu of extraction for my "saveable" tooth, I shook in terror. I have always been so scared since I was a kid so that, growing up, I had my teeth pulled 1 or 2 at a time and replaced them with dentures. I decided to entrust my dental care to Dr. Kim and agreed to see Dr. O (as he is fondly called in the industry). Dr. O immediately made me feel secure and his confidence that everything would be okay rubbed off on me. He made me feel so relaxed on our first meeting. Here's the good part: I just came from his office for that 30-min procedure that proved to be really painless (a bit uncomfortable brought about by my nerves) and feel like a winner. Thanks, Dr. O for helping me conquer my fear, not to mention the good job you did. You and your Assistant, Ingrid, explained clearly every step of the procedure. There were no surprises. Thanks to Lilia as well! You get 5 stars from me .... Warm regards!